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What to do when you are worried?

What to do when you are worried?

Life is full of ups and downs. Each of us is going through a different trial and each has different. But one thing is common in all of us. Guess what is it? These are worries, yes! worries. Some of us bow down with their burden. Others go through severe depression. Some are tactical and make their way out of worries. They accept the reality and move on with it. They embrace the thrones of the path and prepare themselves for the situation. In this article, I will try to sum up one reason for being worried that I think is the most important and will tell you what to do when you are worried. How can you come out of them?

What are the causes of worry?

Almost 90 percent of us have nostalgia. It is very hard to pull ourselves from the memories of the past. The past always accompanies us. Experiences of the past make us fearful and lose our self-belief and confidence. Being in the past also draws us toward negative thinking and makes us prone to adverse situations.

The second thing that makes you worried is the fear of the future. Almost every one of us is fearful for his/her future. Fear of the future is more dangerous than memories of the past. It locks our progress. Fear kills our dreams. It renders us in overthinking and stops us from taking practical steps.

Yes, you have got the right thing. Each of us must know that;

“Memories of the past and fear of the future are killers of happiness.”

Past memories and fear of the future do not let us stay happy. Both of these are enemies of our happiness. We must think that past has gone and what is gone is gone. The future is uncertain and unpredictable. We even do not know how many breaths we are left with. If we have to be happy, we just have to come out of our past and get rid of the fear of the future.

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Why is it necessary to get rid of the fear of the future?

You know what fear of failure is more dangerous than failure. When we keep on thinking that what has happened to us in the past and what is going to happen in the future then it does not allow us to enjoy our present that is a gift. Yes, if we want to be happy, we have to come out of this fear zone. The past is unchangeable so it is useless to cry over spilled milk. And about the future, only Allah knows what is about to happen. Leave it on HIM and keep the faith.

Right things happen on right time.

Wait for your right time. Definitely, it will come, therefore, do not worry about it.

Live your present. Enjoy your today and spoil neither for yesterday that is history nor for tomorrow that is a mystery. Nature has blessed you with a gift and that gift is today. Make it memorable and give your cent percent. Apply this formula in your life and let me know your thoughts in comment section. I would love to hear your opinions.


About The Author


She is a scientific researcher and freelance writer.


  1. Sandra

    I love this, I also think about my future a lot and what do I get? You guessed right, overthinking and depression. I sometimes even feel like I am being under some form of self pressure. I would take notes from this article and stop thinking about my tomorrow as it is a mystery.

    • Iram Gul

      Thanks a bunch, Sandra. I am happy that you loved it. My vision is to change thinking about life and look it differently. Even if a person is changed, I would consider that my mission is accomplished. Stay connected for more such posts.

  2. Akhtar

    Its so lovely ….
    I have already applied this formula on myself and that’s why I always be happy…. it really works…
    I wish all read your posts and learn from these posts….
    Keep writing and All the best IG….

    • Iram Gul

      You are absolutely right. Thank you for consensus.

  3. Niaz

    Very useful. Appreciated!
    We should focus on today. Past worries and future fear only lead to depression.

    • Iram Gul

      Thank you. I hope it would be helpful for many.



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