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How to Control Anger?

How to Control Anger?

“Do not become angry and furious.”

These are the words of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), he used to say when a man asked Him thrice to give a piece of advice. The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) advice him to control his anger. When a man is angry for a minute, he wastes his 60 seconds of peace of mind. Anger is always worst for your physical as well as mental health. Anger management is important because a moment of controlling anger can save you from a thousand moments of regret after it. In this article, I am going to share some tips from my life experiences that will help you. My tips are based on scientific opinion. With each tip, I will explain scientifically with the logic that how it works. Be patient and let me explain how to control anger.

We can’t control anger without knowing it…

What is anger biologically? When we are able to know the basics of something, it becomes easier to nip it. As I will also write about other emotions in the coming days, make one thing clear that all emotions are closely associated with certain chemicals in the body. These chemicals are hormones and neurotransmitters in the brain. I will not go in-depth of these terms that may confuse you especially if you are not from science background. It will make my purpose of conveying the message dead. Whenever we are emotional, in the background our situation is being controlled by hormones. Some of these chemicals are also associated with anger. Cortisol is the main hormone in anger. Evolutionarily, anger is an offensive mechanism in stressful situations and cortisol is the stress hormone that is responsible for anxiety, depression, fear, stress, anger, hate etcetera. Other chemicals are adrenaline and noradrenaline.

How hormones are helpful?

Dopamine is a chemical that is associated with reward and pleasure. When you get a reward or accomplish some task, a sense of fulfillment is due to dopamine flux in the brain. Another chemical serotonin is responsible for pleasure and happiness. Other hormones for pleasure and happiness include oxytocin and endorphins. Oxytocin is the love or affection hormone. Do you know what is surprising with all these hormones, when you are happy or thinking positive, all chemicals for pleasure reinforce the effect of each other and suppress the cortisol? But when you become angry, then high levels of cortisol suppress the activation of all other chemicals….

Is not it something worrying? Yes, it is! And here is the point that I want to make you clear. Altering the activation and amount of these hormones in the brain and blood can change your mood. It can turn you from an angry bird to a peaceful being. Let us discuss this in detail.

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Tips to control anger

  1. Try to recall a moment of happiness
  2. Try to recall a moment of accomplishment
  3. Recall someone beloved
  4. Do exercise

1- Try to recall a moment of happiness

When you are angry and wanted to punch the one who has made you furious, try one magical method of calming yourself. Try to recall a moment when you have been over the moon for something. Remembering such an event will cause you to smile. Now two things happen. A smile creates movement in jaw muscles that activate happiness chemicals in the brain. Secondly, even a single thought of happiness and a joyous moment is enough to trigger the secretion of serotonin. This eventually leads to an elevated mood. When levels of adrenaline and cortisol are down, you feel calm.

2-Try to recall a moment of accomplishment

In the same way, as recalling a happy moment helps to vanish your anger, recalling a moment of accomplishment does the same. Recall a moment when your a die-hard wish came true, when you successfully achieved a goal, when you got a reward or prize, or when you got an appraisal for something extraordinary. A sense of accomplishment or feeling of being rewarded always triggers the dopamine. Dopamine levels overwhelm the brain regions. Negative thoughts go away as they got an alternative path. You feel motivated and inspired by your own accomplishments. It further brings down the levels of cortisol.

3- Recall someone beloved

Another trick that works more strongly is starting thinking about someone beloved. Think of a person you love and remember happy moments with them. Think of your mother or any other person whom you are attached to. Doing this will cause a high flux of oxytocin. When the brain secretes oxytocin, it inhibits the activity of cortisol resulting in an altered mood of affectionate feelings.

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4- Do some exercise or physical activity to control anger

Doing some physical activity such as walking, swimming, jumping or any other exercise workout can elevate your mood by changing the ratio of hormones in your brain. Exercise activates the endorphins. Endorphins are happiness hormones, therefore, a short period of exercise in the early morning keeps you happy for the whole day.

Anger is never good for you. Moreover, it is never wise to waste your whole day for a moment of 10-60 seconds. Forgive people and stay happy always. Forgive people not your them but for yourself; for your peace of mind.

I have shared my thoughts and experiences and would like to hear from your experiences. You can share your opinions in the comment section. Maybe I would find other better ways by your opinions, so never hesitate to share.

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