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How Proteins Help in Weight Loss?

How Proteins Help in Weight Loss?

If you have landed on this web page, then you are looking for weight loss tips probably. This page is for you as many think about the use of protein for weight loss. No doubt, proteins are always a better alternative to carbs: they are essential for the body; make up to 50% dry mass; present in nails, hair, cells, internal organs, skin; have a role in immunity, coordination, metabolism, movement. Simply put, proteins are on the base of life. Therefore, using the protein diet for weight loss is always a wise option. Many nutrients, trainers, and coaches include a high portion of proteins in their diet plans. Some may wonder how proteins are helping in losing weight. In this article, you will come to know how proteins help in weight loss.

How do Proteins help in weight loss?

Proteins help in weight loss in many ways. Some of them are;

  1. By suppressing the hunger hormone
  2. By the feeling of satiety
  3. Metabolism of proteins is different than carbs
  4. Proteins have a high thermic effect of food
  5. Proteins boost metabolism
  6. No muscle loss with proteins
  7. Proteins cut cravings

Proteins suppress hunger hormones and help in weight loss.

Hormones are specific types of chemicals that regulate many processes. Our sleep, hunger, growth, and many activities like these are under the control of hormones. One such hormone is ghrelin that regulates appetite. Production of ghrelin makes you feel hungry. When you take proteins in higher portions of your diet, it modulates the production of ghrelin. In other words, proteins in the diet suppress the levels of ghrelin. Consequently, it suppresses hunger.

Proteins create a feeling of satiety.

Proteins not only suppress hunger hormones, but they also induce other hormones responsible for the feeling of satiety. A sensation of fullness helps you intake fewer calories than otherwise. Some appetite-reducing hormones are peptide YY, GLP1, and cholecystokinin. The combined effect of these hormones produces a feeling of fullness.

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The metabolism of proteins is different than carbs.

It is one of the strong points to prove the use of protein in weight loss. The body metabolizes food, which we take through specific pathways. When you take carbs, they induce insulin hormone. The function of insulin is to lower the levels of sugars (glucose) in the blood. But, it is also responsible for the deposition of fats in the belly area. Insulin increases the conversion rate of excess sugars into fats. Taking protein does not induce the production of insulin because the metabolism of proteins is different from carbs. Amounts of proteins in the diet is inversely proportional to belly fat. The more protein you take, the less belly fat you have.

Proteins and weight loss

meat is a good source of protein.

Proteins have a high thermic effect.

Every food you eat has a specific thermic effect. The thermic effect is the number of calories required during the digestion of food. Each type of food nutrient has a different metabolism and different thermic effect. Proteins have the highest thermic effect as compared to carbs and fats. As a result, intake and digestion of proteins also require a high input of energy. The thermic effect of proteins is about 30%, while that of carbs is 5% and 0-3% for fats. It means when you take 100 calories from a protein diet, the body uses 30% calories to digest and metabolize that protein.

Proteins boost metabolism

Proteins speed up the metabolism in the body. All reactions and interactions in the body are in control of specific molecules: enzymes. Enzymes are proteins in nature. Therefore, taking proteins helps to speed up the metabolism rate. Higher and regulate metabolism helps in weight loss with quick consumption of carbs and burning of fats.

No muscle loss with proteins

Proteins not only helps in weight loss but also build muscle and prevent muscle loss. Weight loss with proteins happens through natural and harmless mechanisms. Sometimes, losing weight also results in losing muscle mass with fat loss. Taking enough proteins mitigates this effect and helps in building strong muscles. Read more about it.

Proteins cut cravings

Losing weight with proteins is always natural. Where proteins help in regulating mechanisms, they are also useful to cut late-night cravings. Cravings and late-night snacks are some of the main reasons for weight gain. If you take protein in your diet, it will help you feel filled and consequently reduced cravings. 

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Sources of Proteins

Proteins are the most vital nutrients and highly abundant in nature. Eggs, meat, beans, milk, and fish are rich in protein. Never rely solely on plant proteins as they are considered incomplete. Animal proteins may contain cholesterol and fatty acids. Therefore, taking a blend of both sources is a better choice. See healthy protein sources.

Proteins and weigh loss

Peas are rich in protein.


I have tried to sum up all possible ways responsible for weight loss when you take enough protein in your diet. Whatever method you choose to lose weight, remember that it is not possible overnight. Weight gain is a gradual process, as well as is weight loss. If you lose weight fast, it is unnatural. You put your body at risk. Therefore, whatever strategy you follow, be patient, persistent, and determined. Set goals and follow the plan. With determination and resolution, you will achieve it. 



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