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Foods to use during Flu or Common Cold

Foods to use during Flu or Common Cold

The common cold or flu is the most encountered problem during winter. As soon as the winter season is set on, the common cold makes its way to people’s lives. Common colds are frequent during winter and are cured themselves without any treatment. But one should take care of its food during common cold and flu because some foods can aggravate the situation. Moreover, a small loss in taste occurs and nothing tastes good enough to eat. In this article, you will come across some of the best foods to use during the common cold and flu that are tasty as well as helps to relieve the cold.

Here is the list of all foods with brief descriptions that can be used during flu and cold.

  • Broth

The broth is one of the best things to use during the common cold. One can use the broth of its choice, whether vegetable, beef,  mutton, or chicken. It protects from dehydration and prevents congestion and sore throat. You can use broth from the day when you get the flu. It is better to use until you are fully recovered.

  • Yogurt

Yogurt is a good choice as food during colds. It contains probiotics and proteins. It boosts immunity. Many experiments have proved the immunity-enhancing effects of yogurt.

Common cold or flu

  • Garlic

Garlic enhances immunity and helps in minimizing the symptoms of the common cold in adults. It contains pharmacologically important ingredients. Therefore people have been using garlic as an alternative medicine for centuries. You can eat raw garlic.

  • Chicken Soup

Chicken soup is a diet full of nutrition and healthy ingredients. It is one of the favorite foods in cold days. It gives the benefits of broth and keeps the body hydrated. Further ingredients in soups as carrots, celery, and herbs add to its nutritional value. During colds, when one loses interest in everything and nothing tastes good. Soup meets the dietary requirements.

  • Vitamin C rich foods for the common cold

Common colds are frequent in the winters. It is a viral disease and leaves the body susceptible to other disease-causing germs. Having frequent common colds is a sign of weak or disturbed immunity. Therefore, you must use vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C enhances immunity and protects against germs. Guava is the gift of nature with the highest amounts of vitamin C.

  • Spices in flu

Using spices during the common cold is a wise choice, especially toward the last days of cold or flu. Spices such as horseradish and pepper are good to relieve congestion-related problems and help in smooth breathing. But you must not use spices if you also have a sore throat with flu or a common cold.

foods to use during common cold

  • Foods rich in Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant and immunity booster like Vitamin C. You can use Vitamin E-rich foods like green leafy vegetables. A combination of smoothie of green leaves and fruit with vitamin-rich lemon juice is one of the best foods to use during the common cold.

This short provides insights about the foods to use during the common cold or flu. You can choose the food of your choice on this list. But always remember that prevention is better than cure. Maintain hygiene and stay healthy.





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